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Caryn Stark

Caryn specializes in interpersonal relationships, effective communication skills and reducing early traumatic experiences to help create personal change. Her technique emphasizes personal experience and empathy and helps patients and television viewers to realize that they can help themselves through simple behavior changes.

She was the featured psychologist on the CBS affiliate show AM Philadelphia, as well as a featured psychologist on many call-in radio programs. Caryn has appeared on national television shows, including Extra, Good Morning America, Prime Time, Maury, Entertainment Tonight, Bill O'Reilly, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, MSNBC News, Glenn Beck, Joe Scarborough and more.

Caryn's success is due in part to her unique personal approach to the issues most people face on a daily basis regarding relationships and personal change. Her expertise is well-earned through scholarly endeavors and research, and she emphasizes personal experience and empathy in her technique.


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